Kompakt reveals Total 17 compilation

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  • The 21-track set includes exclusives from the likes of Voigt & Voigt and Jürgen Paape.
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  • Kompakt's 17th annual Total compilation is out in September. "The last installment before the series hits adulthood," as the Cologne label puts it, packs 21 tracks, with eight exclusives that fill out the double-vinyl version. Among the unheard cuts are a handful of collaborations, including Reinhard Voigt and Wolfgang Voigt as Voigt & Voigt, Tobias Thomas and Michael Mayer as Thomas/Mayer ("25" is said to recall their late-'90s Forever Sweet project with Reinhard Voigt), and Superpitcher alongside Fantastic Twins, AKA Saschienne's Julienne Dessagne. Jürgen Paape, Weval, Chris Klopfer (as remixed by Raquet & Stetter) and Max Scholpp also contribute exclusive material. Kompakt 17's other offerings include Sasha's Kompakt debut, "Out Of Time" featuring Poliça singer Channy Leaneagh, and Laurent Garnier's "1-4 Doctor C'est Chouette," from his Tribute EP. There are also tracks from Vermont, Kölsch, Patrice Baumel and Locked Groove. The compilation will be available in CD and vinyl formats, with the limited edition vinyl version also including a bonus 12-inch featuring previously digital-only tracks by Laurent Garnier and Reinhard Voigt & Terranova. Both vinyl versions will include a download code for the digital files. Listen to Weval's "Metazoa."
    Tracklist CD 1 01. Weval - Metazoa 02. Superpitcher - In My Head feat. Fantastic Twins 03. Ju¨rgen Paape - Always Disko 04. Thomas/Mayer - 25 05. Voigt & Voigt - Tribute To A Greek God 06. SEBASTOPOL - Flash Pool 07. T.Raumschmiere - Jaguar 08. Nu U Orchestra - Ambrosia 09. Chris Klopfer - Ashamed (Raquet & Stetter Edit) 10. Max Scholpp - The Dream 11. Vermont - Ufer CD 2 01. Sasha - Out Of Time feat. Polic¸a 02. Laurent Garnier - 1-4 Doctor C'est Chouette 03. Ko¨lsch - PUSH 04. Clarian - Ankh 05. Demian - Milestars 06. Patrice Ba¨umel - Sorcery 07. Danny Daze & Shokh - Aire 08. Christian Nielsen - Hard Times 09. Locked Groove - Dawn 10. The Orb - 4am Exhale (Dave DK Accellerator Mix) Vinyl A1 Thomas/Mayer – 25 A2 Superpitcher feat. Fantastic Twins – In My Head B1 Ju¨rgen Paape – Always Disko B2 Weval - Metazoa C1 Chris Klopfer – Ashamed (Raquet & Stetter Edit) C2 Max Scholpp – The Dream D1 Nu U Orchestra – Ambrosia D2 Voigt & Voigt – Tribute To A Greek God Kompakt will release Total 17 on September 1st, 2017.