Andreas Tilliander releases Compuriddim album

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  • The Swedish techno artist's next LP has arrived.
  • Andreas Tilliander releases Compuriddim album image
  • Andreas Tilliander is back with a new album on iDEAL Recordings. Compuriddim comprises six tracks and is out now. It's pressed on transparent red vinyl as a single-disc LP. Compuriddim is Tilliander's first LP under his birth name since 2013's Mini for Börft Records, and comes in a limited run of 200 copies. Born in 1977, Tilliander is one of Sweden's best-known techno artists, with a wide-ranging catalogue that takes in ambient music, acid and more experimental fare. Stream samples from the new LP.
    Tracklist 01. Twilight Circuits 02. Mokirian Tekno 03. FR777 Skank 04. Open Up The CV/Gate 05. Return Of The Super Tape 06. Syncussion Discussion Compuriddim is out now on iDEAL Recordings.