Melbourne party The House De Frost to end after ten years

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    Tue, 30 May 2017, 05:13
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  • Andee Frost will host his final weekly Saturday at The Toff In Town on July 8th.
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  • Melbourne DJ Andee Frost will wrap up The House De Frost, his weekly Saturday night party, on July 8th after a ten-year run. Frost has manned the booth every week for the past decade at central Melbourne club The Toff In Town, cementing the night as one of the city's most reliable disco parties. The list of The House De Frost's guests from over the years includes respected DJs like Harvey, Nicky Siano, Sadar Bahar, Beppe Loda and Tim Sweeney as well as local heads Harvey Sutherland, DJ J'NETT and Zanzibar Chanel. Talking about the party's genesis, Frost explains, "I started the night in rebellion to what clubs had become: 40-minute DJ sets, loud music and no real artistic direction. Inspired by the legendary Paris Is Burning, I wanted to reinstate some culture into clubland. Long DJ sets, performance, costume and something a little deeper and decedent rather than the diluted press-play culture that reigned. The House De Frost was a walk on the theatrical side of what you could do with one DJ and the disco essentials." After his ten-year stint, Frost urges Melbourne's younger generation to "carry the torch for a bit, my arms are getting tired... so do your worst children! You have a legacy to live up to!" The July 8th finale will see Frost manning the decks from start to finish.