Gqom Oh! announces new album from TLC Fam crew

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  • Isbethelo seGqom is out next month.
  • Gqom Oh! announces new album from TLC Fam crew image
  • Gqom Oh! have tapped TLC Fam for an album in June. Isbethelo seGqom follows Dominowe's SiyaThakatha EP. It's the second release on the UK label dedicated to a single artist or entity, rather than a compilation. This time, Gqom Oh! looks across the hill to Newlands West (Dominowe is from Newlands East) in Durban, South Africa, for its first release from the TLC Fam crew. The 23-member group first assembled as dancers, but after meeting Distribution Boys they learned how to make their own gqom. Isbethelo seGqom, which is Zulu for "The Gqom Hit," features ten tracks from TLC Fam and comes on 12-inch vinyl with a three-dimensional design. Listen to opening track "Bridge Lase London."
    Tracklist 01. Bridge Lase London 02. Ndanda Yethu 03. Da Power (Main Mix) feat. Bhunu Da Deejay 04. Tribute to Nomfundo (Ladlal'iDark) 05. Baleka (Theme) 06. Yash'impempe 07. Izulu_lama 08. Isthakazelo_saResto 09. Ama_ZULU (Core Tribe) 10. Gida Mjita (African Resto) Gqom Oh! will release Isbethelo seGqom on June 19th, 2017.