Armin Van Buuren to remove UR branding from Ibiza party

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  • After initially resisting calls for change, Van Buuren's team say they're removing the logo from their branding.
  • Armin Van Buuren to remove UR branding from Ibiza party image
  • Armin Van Buuren's Ibiza party will remove all UR branding from their logos and flyers following a plagiarism dispute with the Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance. Earlier this morning, a spokesperson for the Dutch trance artist told RA they had "decided to keep both the logo and the name as they were," resisting calls for change despite criticism of the party's branding by Underground Resistance. The label's manager, Cornelius Harris, had called the party, titled U R With Armin Van Buuren, "lazy and irresponsible of the artist and promoter." They've since provided a new statement that says they "will only communicate the full name of the concept: Universal Religion. All logos/flyers will be changed ASAP." The revised statement was provided to Resident Advisor after discrepancies emerged in the information provided by Van Buuren's team to other news outlets. The rest of the Van Buuren's statement reads: "I would like to start off by saying how unfortunate and unpleasant this situation is for everyone involved. My team, the team of Hï/Ushuaïa and myself were not aware of the similarities between our logo and the logo of Underground Resistance. Originally, UR—the name of the new event through which I'll perform in Ibiza every week—is derived from Universal Religion, an older but nonetheless well-known Armin van Buuren concept. Its symbol, which consists of a custom-made font and frame, was designed to conform with the Armin van Buuren brand." Van Buuren's party is due to run across 13 weeks at new club Hï Ibiza.