Dark Entries announces album from Bill Converse as part of nine July releases

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  • Bézier, Lena Willikens and Shoc Corridor also factor into the label's nine-year anniversary plans.
  • Dark Entries announces album from Bill Converse as part of nine July releases image
  • San Francisco label Dark Entries will celebrate its ninth birthday this July with nine new releases. The label will handle the second LP from Texas producer Bill Converse, The Shape Of Things To Come. That one follows Converse's debut album, Meditations/Industry, a 2016 Dark Entries release that led to a wave of interest in the Detroit-rooted artist's production and DJ style. (He also has a double EP coming out on Tabernacle.) In addition, Dark Entries has tapped Avalon Emerson, Kim Ann Foxman, Lena Willikens and Borusiade for a remix EP based on Lena Platonos's Sun Masks album. Other July releases include an EP from Shoc Corridor, a reissue of Greyhouse's 1989 R&S Records release New Beats The House (with a new Jared Wilson remix) and a repress of Codek's cult classic Tam Tam / Closer 12-inch. Later in the month, Dark Entries will put out new music from Honey Soundsystem member Beziér and Savage Hymn, as well as release an album-length retrospective of '80s band Lives Of Angels. Finally, the flurry of activity is rounded off with a reissue of upstate New York musician Rich La Bonte's 1981 album Mayan Canals with two additional bonus tracks. Head over to the Dark Entries site for detailed information on each of the nine releases, as well as four gay pride releases due in June. Listen to clips from Bill Converse's The Shape Of Things To Come.
    Preview Rich La Bonte's Mayan Canals.
    Tracklist Bill Converse - The Shape Of Things To Come 01. Thank You 02. Currents 03. Dorje Ngodup 04. Threshold 05. Position Of Home 06. Tolerance 07. Magnetic Rich La Bonte - Mayan Canals 01. White Magician 02. Red Giant 03. Bright Yellow Star 04. Show Me Pictures 05. Postcard 06. Mayan Canals 07. Night Train To Albany 08. Chance Circumstance 09. Drums Along The Maple Wood Dark Entries will release The Shapes Of Things To Come and Mayan Canals on July 3rd, 2017.