Dwig announces new album, What's Paradise

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  • The Giegling affiliate's third full-length arrives in early June.
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  • Dwig's third album, What's Paradise, is coming up soon through his eponymous Giegling sub-label. The German producer has a strong connection to the Giegling label crew, highlighted by two prior LPs of deep, mellow house music: 2013's Forget The Pink Elephant, issued on the well-loved Weimar imprint, and 2015's From Here To There, the first release on the Dwig sub-label (and his most recent release until now). He describes What's Paradise as "a tribute to one of the most important questions in life." Listen to the album's title track, and read Will Lynch's dispatch from the recent Planet Giegling tour.
    Tracklist A1 Rise A2 Pyramid Mountains A3 Room26 B1 Southern Sightseeing B2 Hidden Spot C1 What's Paradise C2 Used To It D1 Piece Of Music D2 Way To Eden Dwig will release What's Paradise in June 2017.