Patricia inaugurates new label, Active Cultures

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  • First up is is an EP from Bill Converse's new project, Tide Eman, then a Patricia album co-released with Spectral Sound.
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  • Patricia is preparing to launch his own label, Active Cultures. The Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based producer has put out solo records on Opal Tapes and Spectral Sound, and worked alongside Matt Morandi (AKA Jahiliyya Fields) as Inhalants, as well as Cloudface as DSR.MR, among other collaborations. Active Cultures, which will release on vinyl and digital formats, "has been slowly brewing for about a year," he told RA. "The aim is to use the label as a platform to not only give myself more freedom to release my own musical output, but also provide an outlet to friends whose music I want to support." A new alias from Bill Converse, Tide Eman, is behind the label's first record, a five-track EP called Animate Objects that's due out in May. Next up will be a triple-LP Patricia album co-released with Spectral Sound (details for which are still TBA). Active Cultures' plans for future releases include archival early '90s productions from Todd Sines, along with material from a new Morandi project. Stream samples of Tide Eman's Animate Objects EP at Clone. Tracklist A1 Measurement A2 Animator (Ver 1) A3 Speak B1 Animator (Ver 2) B2 Ice And Dust Active Cultures will release Animate Objects in late May.