Tadd Mullinix and Todd Osborn's TNT project returns with 12-inch for Running Back

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  • It's one of three records coming out soon on Gerd Janson's label.
  • Tadd Mullinix and Todd Osborn's TNT project returns with 12-inch for Running Back image
  • Gerd Janson's Running Back will release Analogue Acid Project 3, an EP from Tadd Mullinix and Todd Osborn's long-dormant TNT collaboration. Michigan producers Mullinix (AKA James T. Cotton) and Osborn teamed up as TNT to put out two 12-inches of gritty acid house in 2005 and 2006. (Their partnership goes back even further—they used to craft jungle records as Soundmurderer & SK-1 on their own label Rewind Records.) Aside from a few one-off tracks, the collaboration would scarcely be heard from over the next decade. The pair now return with Analogue Acid Project 3, which features two unreleased cuts on the A-side and a track from each of those early records on the flip. It's due to arrive soon. Running Back has a couple more records coming out in May. The label will put out two remixes of Unit 2's classic 1992 track, "Sunshine," originally released on the house-focused Underground Resistance offshoot Happy Records. KiNK's take actually surfaced on limited-edition wax late last year—it will get a wider release alongside a rework from Tiger & Woods. After that comes a collaborative EP from German house stalwart Boris Dlugosch and Cassara, titled Traveller, that was the result of the pair "exploiting the latter's extensive synth collection." Listen to samples for each record—Analogue Acid Project 3, Sunshine Rmxs and Traveller—on wordandsound. Tracklist TNT - Analogue Acid Project 3 A1 Beat Track 1 A2 Beat Track 2 (Edit) B1 Hotness (Edit) B2 Beat This House (Re-Edit) Unit 2 - Sunshine Rmxs A Sunshine (KiNK Remix) B Sunshine (Tiger & Woods Remix) Boris Dlugosch - Traveller A1 Traveller A2 Front Traktor B1 Intervox B2 Nightflight Running Back will release Sunshine Rmxs on May 12th, and Traveller on May 26th, 2017.