Zip, Ben UFO, Objekt play Freerotation 2017

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  • The Welsh festival has announced its first names for this year.
  • Zip, Ben UFO, Objekt play Freerotation 2017 image
  • Freerotation, taking place this year from July 7th to 10th, has announced the first acts of its lineup. The beloved, members-only festival at Baskerville Hall in Wales features all the usual suspects this year, including Objekt, Surgeon and resident Leif, whose sets have become an annual event in themselves, often posted to SoundCloud afterwards. Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Pangaea, Peverelist, Blawan (including a Karenn set), Move D and Juju & Jordash—plus a Magic Mountain High performance—are all accounted for as well. Some of the other bigger names include Zip, Lawrence, Hieroglyphic Being, Mr. G, Bruno Pronsato, Burnt Friedman, DJ Bone and Sebastian Mullaert. Jane Fitz, Gwenan, Shawn Rudiman, Don't DJ, Afrikan Sciences, Portable and Batu are also slated to play. For the full lineup, check the event listing.

    • Fri, Jul 7, 2017

      Freerotation 2017

      Radioactive Man, Surgeon, Zip, Lawrence, Bruno Pronsato, DJ Bone, Grimes Adhesif, Juju & Jordash, Move D, Alex Downey, Sven Weisemann, aboutface, October, Patrice Scott, Jane Fitz, Burnt Friedman, Tom Demac, Portable, Russ Gabriel, Peverelist, Steevio, Tom Ellis, Leif, Resom, Saoirse, Hieroglyphic Being, Pangaea, Mr. G, Sebastian Mullaert, Rick Nicholls, Myles Sergé, XDB, Shawn Rudiman, Jakooky, Chris Farrell, Neel, rRoxymore, Batu, Blawan, Ben UFO, Howes, Pearson Sound, Afrikan Sciences, Earthdoctor, Objekt, Magic Mountain High, Bambounou, Steffen Bennemann, Karenn, Shlømo, Leah Floyeurs, Sam Watson, Gwenan, Andrew James Gustav, Monoak, Duckett, Joe Ellis, Dan Bean, Matt Pond, Simo Cell, DON'T DJ, mono-poly (NL), The Neighbourhood Character, Mark Hand, DJ Bus Replacement Service, Suzybee, The Transcendence Orchestra, Amy Amor, J-Lab, Cary Grace