Milan's Macao facing uncertain future ahead of potential sale

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  • The space's organisers are working with the local government to buy the building from its current owner.
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  • Macao, a club and creative space in Milan, is in danger of being closed. The building is located in an area filled with buildings that used to house many fruit and vegetable markets. Sogemi, a company that owns many of these former markets, owns Macao, and plans to sell it and other buildings in the area. Once sold, these buildings will likely be converted into residential or other commercial property. Macao's organisers contacted Milan's local government after learning of the potential sale. The local government subsequently took control of the proceedings, which means it, not Sogemi, controls the destiny of the buildings. The Macao organisers also have plans to buy the building with the help of Mietshäuser Syndikat, a German organisation that provides advice to self-organised house projects (squats, art spaces, etc) so they can be taken off the real estate market. For now, Macao's upcoming schedule will go ahead as planned. A reopening party for the venue's garden is locked in for March 31st, after which there will be appearances from Trevor Jackson and Not Waving in the following weeks. Two festivals, MONDO MUZAK and Saturnalia, are also planned. Founded in 2012, Macao was set-up to address the lack of experimental arts spaces in Milan. It's since developed a robust electronic music programme, hosting groups and artists such as Idle Hands, Lee Gamble, Lakker and Mumdance in recent months. It's also home to Saturnalia, an annual festival that booked Alessandro Adriani, Alex Coulton and Rezzett in 2016.