Clark back on Warp for eighth album, Death Peak

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  • The UK producer's latest full-length will hit the shelves in April.
  • Clark back on Warp for eighth album, Death Peak image
  • Clark's eighth studio album, Death Peak, will come out on April 7th. Like Chris Clark's previous seven full-lengths, and last year's The Last Panthers soundtrack, Death Peak will see release via Warp, the label that's been the UK artist's home since 2001. Vocals, which haven't featured much in Clark's work in the past, appear on nearly all of the new record's nine tracks. "I only realised this late in the recording process," says Clark. "I get hypnotised by the human voice—the most perfect synth. Vocals can be a bit of an awkward hat that producers wear to try and get attention. Death Peak voices are the opposite of that. The vocal elements are just another instrument in the mix. It's taken me awhile to get to this level of confidence with it." Listen to album cut "Peak Magnetic." You can also read our Playing Favourites feature with Clark from 2015.
    Tracklist 01. Spring But Dark 02. Butterfly Prowler 03. Peak Magnetic 04. Hoova 05. Slap Drones 06. Aftermath 07. Catastrophe Anthem 08. Living Fantasy 09. Un U.K. Warp will release Death Peak on April 7th, 2017.