Ghostly International announces new releases from Jacaszek, Baths

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  • Records from the Polish artist and Geotic, the dance project from Baths, are due in March.
  • Ghostly International announces new releases from Jacaszek, Baths image
  • Ghostly International has announced a couple of new records for early 2017. In mid-March, they'll put out their first record from Jacaszek, the KWIATY LP. It's the Polish artist's first full-length since 2011's Glimmer, and was inspired by the 17th century metaphysical poet Robert Herrick. He collaborated with Hania Malarowska (Hanimal), Joasia Sobowiec-Jamioł and Natalia Grzebała on the full-length. Ghostly has also snapped up Geotic, the dance project from Will Wiesenfeld, best known as Baths. Though he's put out a raft of material as Geotic online, the Abysma LP is the first physical release from the alias. "So much of dance music is about partying and going out and having a really hardcore social experience," Wiesenfeld says. "Dance music has never been that for me. So much of my experience listening to music is being by myself—at home or in my car." Listen to Jacaszek's "Daffodils."
    And check out Geotic's "Actually Smiling."
    Tracklist Jacaszek - KWIATY 01. Flowers 02. To Perenna 03. Daffodils 04. To Violets 05. Love 06. Soft Music 07. To Meadows 08. White Island 09. Eternitie 10. To Blossoms 11. Gardens Geotic - Abysma 01. Sunspell 02. Actually Smiling 03. Nav 04. Billionth Remnant 05. Laura Corporeal 06. Vaulted Ceiling, Painted Sky 07. Perish Song 08. Valiance Ghostly International will release KWIATY on March 17th and Abysma on March 31st, 2017.