New compilation, Co-Op, aims to fight discrimination

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  • Umfang, Air Max '97 and M.E.S.H. have all contributed to the 24-track set, which is available today.
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  • A 24-track compilation, titled Co-Op, has today been released with the expressed aim of tackling "a global rise of fascism." Though the compilation can be downloaded for no charge, it's not being promoted as a free release; instead, those behind it are asking listeners to devote money or time "to a local social organisation listed or of your choice on the frontlines of protecting marginalised groups worldwide." You can check out which organisations the compilation is supporting—the list includes Black Lives Matter, Queer Refugees and Reporters Without Borders—on SoundCloud. Tunes on the compilation come from the likes of Air Max '97, M.E.S.H., Kablam, Mobilegirl, SKY H1 & Ssaliva, Soda Plains, Ziúr and Discwoman's Umfang. Here's the compilation statement.
    "We gathered as a group of producers standing in worldwide solidarity. We will no longer remain silent. We're responding to the the political status quo: a global rise of fascism. This compilation is a call-to-action. You can make a difference in your local community against racism, xenophobia, misogyny and backlashes of discrimination. Co-Op is given on a trust-basis, this is not a free compilation. In exchange for a download, we encourage you to donate your time or money to a local social organisation listed or of your choice on the frontlines of protecting marginalised groups worldwide. There is a possibility to impact local change. We stand up for our values. We do not demonise one another, nor stand by hate."
    Stream the compilation in full.
    A recent edition of RA's The Hour podcast explored a new generation of labels and artists who share an anything-goes approach to sound, and a heightened awareness of social and political issues.
    Tracklist 01. Why Be - Doom Bells 02. N-Prolenta - Cloister Zero 03. Swan Meat & Estoc - Lord's Cruelty 04. Born In Flamez - Peniz Envy 05. Ausschuss - Coiled 06. CYPHR - Stretch Reflex 07. Air Max '97 - Hounded 08. Tokyo Hands - R 16 09. Soda Plains - Blink Twice 10. M.E.S.H. - Signal Ride Drum 11. GIL - Wamid 12. Ziúr - Concord 13. Kablam - Var Stark 14. || FLORA - Adversary 15. Jackie - Ebb Rise (Gloria/Tagaq) 16. Mobilegirl - Novi 17. SKY H1 & Ssaliva - Dooms 18. Bonaventure - Riposte 19. TYGAPAW - New York Is Killing Me (Edit) 20. The Neighbourhood Character - Banana Traps 21. Rui Ho - Jaded 22. Dj Kala - Power 23. Umfang - Sees It Differently 24. Dis Fig Bootie - Air Max '97 x Oklou - Like Rainbow Horse Running Through Misty Brain Co-Op is available now.