fabric to reopen on January 6th

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  • The London club, which has won its license back, will resume business with a weekend of parties it's calling "a cherished moment in our history."
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  • London's fabric nightclub will reopen on Friday, January 6th. The club is returning after a four-month closure that made headlines around the world. The Farringdon venue had its licence revoked in September by Islington council following the deaths of two clubbers, but then came to an agreement with local authorities to reopen before a planned appeal took place. The club is calling the reopening "a cherished moment in our history." The lineup for January 6th is being kept under wraps until the night, but it's being promoted as a Fabriclive "friends and family" affair. The following night, January 7th, also has an unannounced lineup—with the exception of club residents Terry Francis and Craig Richards. The club's reopening weekend will be completed by a Wetyourself party on Sunday, January 8th. "It's pretty much impossible for us to put a measure on just how much gratitude we are feeling right now to be able to announce our reopening proper," the club said in a statement today. "We've said it before and we will keep on saying it—you are all to thank for this. The credit for this is shared among hundreds of thousands of petition signers, letter writers, donors, t-shirt bearers, artists, party promoters and more than we can ever recount. A community of people from the world over who came together and continued the principal of unity that was central to the foundation of our culture—to save us." "Now it's about what's ahead of us. We're looking ahead to filling our disco with our family of artists and club heads alike, with our soundsystems including our new Pioneer Pro Audio Room Two set up pushing out mesmeric high level sound. This is what it has always been about." Tickets are available here on RA.