Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder album coming on Sushitech

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  • Derdeoc is due out in January on three slabs of wax.
  • Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder album coming on Sushitech image
  • Berlin label Sushitech has announced its first release for 2017: an album from Paul St. Hilaire and Rhauder titled Derdeoc. St. Hilaire, the legendary dub vocalist and producer (he used to be known as Tikiman, but dropped the alias after a legal dispute in 2003), and Rhauder, real name Marco Rhauderwiek, have been working together for seven years or so. After being credited with four records for Ornaments over that span, the Berlin-based pair made their Sushitech debut in September with two cuts on the label's Tessara II compilation. Next up is Derdeoc, St. Hilaire and Rhauder's first full-length collaboration. A triple-vinyl release with artwork from label designer Kerry Roper, we're told it's been in the works for more than a year, and while it draws on "diverse influences such as Jamaican dub rhythms," there's "a strict focus on the club floor." Material from the album will feature heavily in the duo's new live set. Sushitech has also revealed initial details about a series of 2017 showcases named Adementum. While there are no announced tour dates just yet, the label says the artists involved include St. Hilaire and Rhauder along with Eric Miller (AKA Baaz) and Monoaware. Listen to one of St. Hilaire and Rhauder's Tessara II tracks, "Not Saying Much."
    Tracklist A1 Control B1 Redeem B2 Redeem (Version) C1 Meanwhile D1 Dim Dim D2 Dim Dim (Version) E1 Bendage F1 Stabilize F2 Stabilize (Version) Sushitech will release Derdeoc in January 2017.