Waves brings vinyl cutting and playback to digital studios

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  • The Abbey Road Vinyl plug-in models the vinyl production process.
  • Waves brings vinyl cutting and playback to digital studios image
  • Waves has a new plug-in, Abbey Road Vinyl, that aims to recreate the sound of vinyl in digital audio production environments. The plug-in models the machinery used to cut and playback vinyl at the studio, offering a choice of acetate or master vinyl pressing materials, two types of turntable and three cartridges. The first is based on the original Abbey Road cartridge, while the other two are reminiscent of popular audiophile and DJ designs. Audio can also be routed through a emulation of Abbey Road's EMI TG12410 mastering console. Users can also choose the position of the tonearm in order to emulate the changes in frequency response and distortion that occur as it moves from the outer edge to the inner rim of a record. Phase distortion, noise and crackle, wow and flutter and a drive control for creating harmonic distortion are also included, while a variable slow-down control lets you create the sound of record gradually coming to a halt. Watch a promo video for the Abbey Road Vinyl plug-in.
    Waves Abbey Road Vinyl is available for an introductory price of $99. The RRP is $249.