Wolf Eyes, FIT Sound give away music in light of Trump win, encourage donations

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  • Money will go towards reproductive rights, LGBT causes and pro-immigrant foundations.
  • Wolf Eyes, FIT Sound give away music in light of Trump win, encourage donations image
  • Detroit label FIT Sound and hometown band Wolf Eyes are giving away their discographies for 24 hours and encouraging donations in light of Donald Trump's presidential win. Both entities took to Facebook today to express their frustration and sadness at the Republican nominee's electoral victory. (Wolf Eyes had already changed their website to a black image that says "fuck the patriarchy.") They've set all releases on their Bandcamp to $0, which means that users can pay what they want, with all proceeds going to charities. "We woke up in horror & disbelief that it had happened," the pioneering noise band said. "Although many hear Wolf Eyes as an 'end of the world' band, and surely it feels that way for many, our hope is that it too can be some light in the darkness." A note sent to RA from the group's management explained that money from Bandcamp will be donated in a "three-pronged attack toward Trump's largest issues... US-Mexico immigration services, LGBTQ youth support, and reproductive rights." FIT Sound, the imprint run by FIT Siegel, wrote that they "support all our brothers, sisters and freaks whose world also feels darker today," and that the idea was inspired by Wolf Eyes. (FIT Sound had previously partnered with the band to throw an afterparty at the Trip Metal festival in Detroit.) FIT's Bandcamp proceeds will go towards Planned Parenthood, a sexual and reproductive health provider in the US, and a prominent target of anti-abortion politicians. You can check out the Wolf Eyes Bandcamp here, and FIT Sound's here.