Reeko handles the fourth Unknown Landscapes mix for PoleGroup Recordings

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  • The Spanish producer's 22-track set includes unreleased cuts from Mike Parker, Kangding Ray and DJ Hyperactive.
  • Reeko handles the fourth Unknown Landscapes mix for PoleGroup Recordings image
  • Oscar Mulero's PoleGroup Recordings will release the fourth Unknown Landscapes mix CD in December. This time around, Spanish techno specialist Reeko has picked out 22 previously unreleased tracks. He's included three of his own productions alongside cuts from Buffalo, New York producer Mike Parker, Raster-Noton mainstay Kangding Ray and Hospital Productions artist Lussuria. Exium, who mixed the third Unknown Landscapes, features, as do Jonas Kopp and Chicago's DJ Hyperactive. Following the 74-minute mix, PoleGroup will put out a vinyl sampler featuring Unbalance, Mike Parker, Lussuria and Reeko. That 12-inch will be out in January of next year. Listen to Reeko's "Dead Animal," one of the tracks that will appear on the vinyl EP.
    Tracklist Unknown Landscapes Mix Vol. IV 01. Daphne RXX - Aspects 02. Mike Parker - Serrated Formation 03. Reggy Van Oers - Unobtrusive 04. Reeko - Basic Sentence 05. Karl Bult - System 06. DJ Hyperactive - A Running Start 07. Jonas Kopp - Fu Factor 08. Exium - Fluid Dynamics 09. Kwartz - Slow Motion 10. Pfirter - Ver 11. Oscar Mulero - In Full Circle 12. Unbalance - Rejected 13. Tensal - Concatenation 14. Kessell - Addictive States 15. Reeko - Dead Animal 16. Refracted - Positive Charge 17. Kangding Ray - Khat 18. Donor - Last Cause 19. Mod21 - Phasing 20. Trolley Route - Sunflowers 21. Lussuria - Dockside Pickup 22. Positive Centre - Forever Optimun Unknown Landscapes Selected IV A1 Unbalance - Rejected A2 Reeko - Dead Animal B1 Mike Parker - Serrated Formation B2 Lussuria - Dockside Pickup Polegroup Recordings will release Unknown Landscapes Mix Vol. IV on December 9th, 2016 and Unknown Landscapes Selected IV on January 13th, 2017.