Moiré announces second album, No Future

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  • Ghostly International will handle the London producer's new full-length, due in February.
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  • Moiré will release his next album, No Future, through Ghostly International on February 17th. The new record from the London-based artist follows a 12-inch for Ghostly sub-label Spectral Sound, as well as outings for other high-profile imprints like R&S Records and Actress's Werkdiscs, the label that issued his debut LP, Shelter. The new one features vocal turns from MC DRS and James Massiah, and the title has a threefold meaning. No Future refers to the worldview promoted by right-wing political figures, the embattled state of London nightlife and the alienation that the rapidly changing world breeds. We spoke with Moiré about the themes behind No Future.
    In the press materials for the album, you say No Future refers to the mutually assured destruction which would result if society follows the "hateful path" outlined by certain right-wing politicians. The music on No Future, however, is at times playful and as trippy as ever. Can you explain what you see as the artist's role in these times? Art can be "playful," but it also gives artists a platform to communicate in more direct ways. I think we have to respond as a society. We should react and speak up about these issues openly, rather than just as observers. Lack of real political opposition in this country and abroad, it's very frightening. "No Future" as an old punk slogan feels more relevant to me than ever before. Can you tell us about working with the vocalists MC DRS and James Massiah? One of the first drum & bass records I ever bought back in 1997 was Progression Session 2 by Blame featuring DRS—I mean sick stuff! I've been a fan ever since. Fast forward to 2013-14 and I met DRS through a few mates I was working with. When I made "Lost You," I felt like it would be great to try something different, so I sent it to DRS, explained the story and he came back a few hours later with his magic. Dean (Photomachine) introduced me to James Massiah—we exchanged a bunch of ideas and sketches and I really liked what he came up with. You've previously described your music as "London techno." Do the circumstances leading to the recent club closures threaten the city's role as a centre for vitality and innovation in dance music? I'm still hoping something positive will happen! At the moment the city is on a path to some sort of club cultural R.I.P. Obviously getting rid of the music venues, it's a very worrying sign. If this process continues, we are going to end up with the rich-focused town centres and the nearest club will be out in the suburbs, if any at all.
    Watch the video for the title track.
    Tracklist 01. Sequence 1 02. Lost You feat. DRS 03. Secret Window 04. Opium 05. Casual 06. Magma Dream 07. Jupiter 08. Opposites 09. Bootleg feat. DRS 10. Façade feat. James Massiah 11. System 100 12. Auteur (Outro) Ghostly International will release No Future on February 17th, 2017.