Berlin's CTM Festival confirms Actress, Gazelle Twin, Monolake for 2017

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  • The 18th edition of the experimental music event will run from January 27th through February 5th.
  • Berlin's CTM Festival confirms Actress, Gazelle Twin, Monolake for 2017 image
  • The first names for the 18th edition of Berlin's CTM Festival have been announced. Running from January 27th through February 5th, CTM 2017 will bring another typically diverse group of experimental and leftfield acts to the German capital. Actress, Gazelle Twin and Monolake are the bigger names confirmed for gigs at venues like Berghain, Yaam, and Heimathafen Neukoelln this time around, sharing space on a lineup that so far includes experimentalists such as Aaron Dilloway and Thomas Ankersmit. A hefty programme of talks, screenings and panels will run alongside the music. As usual, the festival will centre around a theme, which in 2017 is "Fear Anger Love"—performances, talks and screenings will examine the role of those emotions in electronic music today. More names and events will be added to the CTM schedule in the coming weeks and months.

    • Fri, Jan 27, 2017

      CTM 2017 – Fear Anger Love

      Monolake, diskJokke, Actress, Bjørn Torske, DJ Stingray 313, Thomas Ankersmit, Raime, Luki, José Manuel, Lorenzo Senni, Insanlar, Pharmakon, Aaron Dilloway, Tzusing, DEBONAIR, Umfang, Courtesy, Peggy Gou, Karima F, Lady Starlight, Miss Red, Chino Amobi, SØS Gunver Ryberg, Sami Baha, Front De Cadeaux, Siete Catorce, Endgame, Pan Daijing, Mechatok, Nkisi, Embaci, Charlotte Bendiks, Yally, Moor Mother, Sote, Mobilegirl, Dedekind Cut, Angel-Ho, LSDXOXO, EX EYE, Jenny Hval, Virgil Abloh, Gazelle Twin, Tanya Tagaq, Mr Mitch, 9T Antiope
      TBA - Berlin