Korg's ARP Odyssey now available as iOS app

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    Tue, Nov 1, 2016, 14:30
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  • ARP ODYSSEi models the components of Korg's 2015 reissue of the Odyssey.
  • Korg's ARP Odyssey now available as iOS app image
  • Korg has released a new iOS app. ARP ODYSSEi is a recreation of the original ARP Odyssey, which Korg revamped in hardware form in 2015. Korg is calling it a "complete reproduction," using the Component Modelling Technology found in its Legacy collection. Apart from reproducing the parameters found on the hardware version, Korg has added a voice assign mode, a 16-step arpeggiator that can be programmed like a sequencer, an XY pad and a set of effects. You can also choose from the Rev 1 and 2 versions of the Odyssey, which each come with 50 presets specific to those machines. ARP ODYSSEi is the second product Korg has announced today, following the monologue analogue synthesiser. Watch a promo video for ARP ODYSSEi.  
    The Korg ARP ODYSSEi is available on the App Store at an introductory price of $19.99, valid until November 30th.