Local Action announces new Yamaneko album, Project Nautilus

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    Fri, 14 Oct 2016, 16:39
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  • It's inspired by keygen loops and video game music.
  • Local Action announces new Yamaneko album, Project Nautilus image
  • Yamaneko's new album, Project Nautilus, is due out via Local Action next month. The London artist has already had a handful of releases for Local Action under different guises. He debuted on the label in 2014 with a cassette called Pixel Wave Embrace, then followed it up with an ambient record called November Versions as Talbot Fade. This week Local Action released Yaroze Dream Suite, an EP from his duo of the same name, alongside fellow grime experimentalist Mr. Mitch. Yamaneko's forthcoming album is inspired by keygen loops—the music that often plays on repeat upon opening keygen software. It references instrumental grime as much as "new age, video game soundtracks and Drexciya's aquatic techno," the label says. Listen to the album cut "Elite."
    Tracklist 01. Blemtrails 02. Gala Helipop 03. Loading Bay 04. Accela Crash 05. Elite 03:45 06. Pink 3 07. Pixel Wavedash 08. Blitter 09. Rushing The Ice Palace 10. Playing Fields Local Action Records will release Project Nautilus on November 9th, 2016.