Yagya announces new album for Delsin, Stars And Dust

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  • The dub techno producer's next full-length arrives on November 28th.
  • Yagya announces new album for Delsin, Stars And Dust image
  • Icelandic dub techno artist Yagya will return to Delsin with a new album called Stars And Dust. Due out on November 28th, Stars And Dust sees Yagya, real name Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson, back on the label that hosted his most recent LP, 2014's Sleepygirls. It comprises ten tracks in Guðmundsson's trademark atmospheric style, coming out digitally and on vinyl. Stars And Dust is the latest in a series of albums from Guðmundsson stretching back to 2002's Rhythm Of Snow on Force Inc. Music Works. His catalogue doesn't start there, though—he was also a member of the storied Thule Records crew, releasing River Electric on the label in 1999. (Sonja Moonear just included one of its tracks on her recent Cocoon In The Mix set.) Delsin has also revealed that another album from ambient producer John Beltran is on the way. Everything At Once is due out digitally and on vinyl, and will be Beltran's third album on Delsin. Steam "The Great Attractor" from Yagya's upcoming LP.
    Tracklist Yagya - Stars And Dust 01. Train Station's Dustlight 02. Crepuscular Rays Over The Horizon 03. Motes In The Moonlight 04. Substorms On A Winter Night 05. Through The Zodiacal Cloud 06. Young Suns Of NGC 7129 07. The Great Attractor 08. Through The Sculptor Group 09. Laniakea's Redshift 10. The Observable Universe John Beltran - Everything At Once 01. Under This Sky 02. Faux 03. Everything At Once 04. S i n e M 05. Lift 06. Tennis 07. Mother 08. Gentle Boxes 09. Hurry Home the Trees are Finally Green 10. Tanzmuzik 11. She Dwells With Beauty 12. White Rainbows 13. Nine Sun 14. A New Room 15. Dream Lover! 16. Spring Affects Him 17. Bursting Bloom Delsin will release Everything At Once and Stars And Dust on November 7th and 28th, respectively.