D.J.Fulltono & CRZKNY to release an album, fin, as Theater 1

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  • The 24-track collection gathers up tracks from the two Japanese footwork producers.
  • D.J.Fulltono & CRZKNY to release an album, fin, as Theater 1 image
  • D.J.Fulltono and CRZKNY are releasing an album under the name Theater 1. Both producers are anchors of the Japanese footwork scene, a bustling community that has taken the genre in all sorts of quirky directions over the past few years. Osaka's D.J.Fulltono runs the Booty Tune label, while CRZKNY, based in Hiroshima, has a discography of over 400 tracks. fin, which is due out on melting bot, is a compilation of tracks released in the past year. Each producer gets one disc to themselves. It's reportedly inspired by Basic Channel and Wolfgang Voigt, and the label describes the music here as "an experimental, inorganic, hypnotic, new sensational kind of techno minimalism," with "the classic 160 BPM stamp mutated and blended into polyrhythmic four-to-the-floor grooves." The CD also comes with a download code for a mix by D.J.Fulltono. For more on the Japanese footwork scene, check out our feature on ????? a.k.a foodman. Check out a handful of tracks.
    Tracklist Disc 1 (CRZKNY) 01. Remi 02. Nanami 03. Annie 04. Jerusha 05. Peter 06. Jo 07. Katri 08. Annette 09. Thomas 10. Anne 11. Marco 12. Heidi Disc 2 (D.J.Fulltono) 01. John 02. Romeo 03. Jackie 04. Maria 05. Cedric 06. Pollyanna 07. Sara 08. Lucy 09. Flone 10. Perrine 11. Sterling 12. Nero melting bot will release fin on October 16th, 2016.