London mayor Sadiq Khan vows to introduce agent of change principle

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  • If instated, the law will protect clubs and music venues from property developers.
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  • London mayor Sadiq Khan has vowed to introduce the agent of change principle into his next London Plan. The rule will protect the capital's clubs and music venues by forcing developers to pay for the soundproofing of new properties, rather than the venue owners. Having mentioned it in a recent interview with Time Out, Khan has now pledged his full support in a statement via Facebook. He uses the recent example of beloved West End cinema Curzon Soho, whose future was in the balance after tenants complained about noise from the films. Read Khan's statement in full.
    "I intend to protect venues like the Curzon Mayfair by introducing an 'Agent Of Change' rule into the next London Plan. Developers would be responsible for ensuring their new developments don't threaten the future of existing venues. That would mean developers building flats near existing venues will need to ensure that residents are not unduly affected by sound from the venue, and that may include paying for soundproofing. I'm very pleased to hear that Westminster Council included this principle when the planning application was first submitted in 2013, and are taking the necessary steps to protect a cinema which makes a significant contribution to the character of the area and is a real cultural gem."
    In 2014, London nightclub Ministry Of Sound came under threat from property developers Englewood Ltd, who were building a housing block nearby. In the end, though, the two parties reached an agreement that guaranteed the club's future. For more on the agent of change principle, read our in-depth roundtable feature on the future of London's nightlife.