Japan Blues to release first album, titled Sells His Record Collection

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  • Howard Williams will self-release the six-track LP in December.
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  • Japan Blues is releasing an album called Sells His Record Collection. Due out in December, it's Howard Williams's first LP, following a couple of EPs as Japan Blues for Berceuse Heroique and a remix of DJ Slyngshot on the Place No Blame label. His Japan Blues project also encompasses a popular show on NTS Radio. Williams calls the album "a Japanese atmospheric travelogue, taking in some underbelly stops on the way." It's "sample-infused, with field recordings and vintage keys," and Williams's own voice features on one track. "It was a project that grew over about a year's visits to my partner in crime's studio, in some ways making a slicker mix of what I occasionally fumble around attempting to do on my NTS show," Williams explains. "The inspiration behind it was an imaginary geisha opium den. It just went downhill from there." A launch party will take place at Machine No. 3 in East London on December 1st, with live sets from Hibiki Ichikawa and minyo and enka singer Akari Mochizuki. Williams, who has spent nearly two decades working at Honest Jon's, has also started his own distribution business called This Ain't Distribution. Tracklist 01. The Sun Goddess Steps Out In Old Asakusa 02. Tepco Shareholder 03. Everything Passes 04. The Land Of The Gods Under Concrete 05. 10,000 Forgotten Ghost Stories 06. Yakuza No Uta Japan Blues will release Sells His Record Collection in December 2016.