PAN shares new release, eAR, in the form of augmented reality website

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  • You can view the piece, which includes sound from Amnesia Scanner's Ville Haimala, at
  • PAN shares new release, eAR, in the form of augmented reality website image
  • PAN has put out its latest release: an augmented reality website called eAR. eAR gets catalogue number 72, between Valerio Tricoli's Clonic Earth and Yves Tumor's Serpent Music. It's not the first time Bill Kouligas' label has devoted a PAN release to an interactive format—ADR's Deceptionista was also an interactive website. The website is "a location-based augmented reality sound and text piece in the form of first-person fiction," navigated by clicking the dots on the website and waiting for the text to walk you through the experience. The piece "presents a series of dramatized field recordings from a digitally mediated environment together with commentary inspired by the Let's Play format." (Let's Play is a form of video game walkthrough that focuses on an individual player's experience using screenshots and commentary.) The sound work was done by Finnish artist Ville Haimala—one half of Amnesia Scanner—with the text by Jenne Sutela (who has worked with Haimala before) and programming from conceptual artist Harm van den Dorpel. It was started during Haimala's residency at Brighton art studio Lighthouse. Headphones are recommended. Check it out at