Autechre's first three albums repressed on vinyl

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  • Incunabula, Amber and Tri Repetae will hit wax in November.
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  • Warp is reissuing Autechre's first three albums on vinyl. The first two, 1993's Incunabula (the seventh volume of Warp's Artificial Intelligence series) and 1994's Amber showed the duo working with a more melodic sound. It was 1995's Tri Repetae that would signal their eventual move into darker, less accessible territory. The latter two LPs are roundly considered classics of their catalogue and haven't been available on vinyl since 2001. The new editions will hit shelves on November 11th. The news also comes as elseq 1, the first chapter of Autechre's latest five-part album, lands on major streaming services. Volumes two through five are still only available on Autechre's store. Check out the opening track from Amber, "Foil."