Elektron reveal new stereo processor, Analog Heat

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  • The device is due out in autumn.
  • Elektron reveal new stereo processor, Analog Heat image
  • Elektron has a new product on the way, Analog Heat. Analog Heat is for processing sound sources with different flavours of distortion, filtering and equalisation. There are eight character settings, such as Clean Boost, Rough Crunch and Enhancement, each with differing tonal qualities. There's a two-band EQ, seven filter types with controls for cutoff frequency and resonance, an assignable envelope (which can also be used as an envelope follower) and an LFO. Analog Heat also functions as a two-in/two-out sound card and VST effect, meaning it can integrate with DAWs and function as an analog mixdown tool in a digital environment via Elektron's Overbridge software. Listen to audio examples of Analog Heat.
    Elektron will release Analog Heat in atumn for 799 Euro.