Juno Records closes online magazine, Juno Plus

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  • The dance music retailer has pulled the plug on its editorial site after seven years.
  • Juno Records closes online magazine, Juno Plus image
  • Juno Records has closed its online magazine, Juno Plus. The site's editor-in-chief, Tony Poland, posted this statement on Juno Plus today. "After seven years of 'always searching, never perching,' our parent company and employers, Juno Records, have elected to put an end to Juno Plus. I'd like to think we're going out on top—and mercifully just before any serious consideration is given to another round of list season. What began as an experiment in SEO back in early 2009 has gradually mutated into a platform that we hope is respected by both our readership and the artists, labels and musicians we have dedicated our time and coverage to. It has been a pleasure to be given this platform to discuss the music we are passionate about in great detail, and with the occasionally irreverent tone." Juno Plus launched in 2009. In addition to its weekly podcast series, which featured contributions from the likes of Jayda G, Powder, Rivet, Gesloten Cirkel and Young Marco, it also published news, reviews and in-depth interviews with artists as varied as Mike Cooper, Lena Willikens and Todd Sines. Juno's move follows Beatport's recent decision to close its news service to focus solely on its digital download site.