Bruno Pronsato and Benoit & Sergio's Benjamin Myers return with new EP as NDF

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  • Cruel Is The Color will feature remixes from Matthew Herbert and label head Ben Freeney.
  • Bruno Pronsato and Benoit & Sergio's Benjamin Myers return with new EP as NDF image
  • A new NDF 12-inch, Cruel Is The Color, is on the way via Foom Music. NDF is the collaboration between Bruno Pronsato and Benjamin "Sergio" Myers, of Benoit & Sergio. The duo only have one other record to their name, the wildly popular 2010 single Since We Last Met for DFA, which came backed with a Ricardo Villalobos remix. Pronsato and Myers began work on Cruel Is The Color in September 2014. Lunch plans in their shared studio led—in just 30 minutes—to the creation of the EP's title track, with Pronsato on synths and percussion and Myers on vocals, synths and acoustic guitar. Differing schedules and pursuits meant that was the first time they'd worked together in years, and they describe the moment in amorous terms: "The guitar and synths just climaxed together, like two lovers reuniting after a long absence." Two more original tracks, "Certain Corners" (which features Israeli bassist Yonatan Levi) and "Another Year," were recorded over the following winter, before Matthew Herbert and Foom label head Ben Freeney were tasked with providing remixes. The longest cut here is about six minutes, in contrast to the nearly eleven-minute "We Last Met." Myers says making a "moral record" was the goal. "Perhaps because there was a lot of personal turmoil in those winter months, we both really got into skullduggery and chicanery as concepts for the record—the ways that dishonest behaviors amongst friends, acquaintances and lovers (old and new) undermine a sense of self and security in our music scene and all its overlapping systems of value and parameters." The EP will come on vinyl and digital formats in October. For now, tune in to "Another Year."
    Tracklist A1 Another Year A2 Cruel Is The Color A3 Certain Corners B1 Another Year (Matthew Herbert Reboot Version) B2 Certain Corners (Ben Freeney Spare Room Version) Foom will release Cruel Is The Color on October 21st, 2016.