Hannah Wants responds to 'Mercy' plagiarism claims

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  • "It's no secret that the inspiration for the track was Joy Orbison & Boddika's 'Mercy (VIP)'," said the UK artist via Facebook.
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  • UK DJ/producer Hannah Wants has issued a statement responding to claims that she plagiarised Joy Orbison & Boddika's "Mercy (Boddika VIP)." The track in question is "Found The Ground," which appears on Wants's forthcoming Fabriclive mix and was due for release via Rinse Recordings. A Facebook video posted by Ibiza Rocks resident Patrick Nazemi on Sunday, September 11th (which has since been taken down) appeared to highlight the similarities between the two records. "It's the same track," he says repeatedly. A little more than 24 hours later, Wants took to her own Facebook page to offer her side of the story. Read her statement in full.
    This will be my first and last comment I'll make on the subject as I pride myself on professionalism and not engaging in negative bullshit but here's my response to all of the Internet ridiculousness over the past 48 hours to anyone who wishes to hear the truth as opposed to social media madness... Found The Ground was made around 9 months ago and it’s no secret that the inspiration for the track was Joy O & Boddika – Mercy (VIP). I’ve been supporting Mercy (VIP) on radio, in mixtapes and in my DJ sets since it’s release and I went into the studio to create a piece of music that had a similar impact on the dancefloor. It was never intended to insult or offend. Not one sample of any kind was taken from Mercy (VIP) to create Found The Ground so I'd like to squish the serious and may I add illegal “plagiarism” allegations right here. It is merely bitter controversy and a harder hitting headline for articles. To anyone saying, writing and reporting that Mercy (VIP) and Found The Ground are “identical”... Wow. Are there similarities? Yes. Are they “identical”? Not at all. I could sit here and list the differences bar by bar, sound by sound but I won't. Anyone with a set of working ears can pick apart the tracks. I could (anyone could!) list literally hundreds of tracks over the years that have; sounded a little, fairly or extremely similar to others, been clearly inspired by others, physically sampled small or large parts of other tracks (both with or without consent), again I could go on and on here but I won't. Whether you agree or disagree with the any of the above it is subjective to each person but y'know what? It's music and it'll never change. Do I humiliate, comment or hate on any of the hundreds of promos I receive each week that have any kind of familiarity to another song? No. I don't have the time or the will and it's also not my place to pass judgement on anyone or anything. Let's put the world and the very real problems into some perspective here? Like really. On an end note; people love a bandwagon, people love to hate, people enjoy trying to pull others down, people chat shit, people seem to get a mad kick out of saying the worst kinda things about other humans they've never even met or even have met yet been nice to their face (I'm not sure which one is worse!?)... Unfortunately it's life but I genuinely rest in the knowledge that 99.9% of the time the people who fall into the above categories never seem to be doing better than you and that's enough ammo for me to keep me motivated, learning lessons and moving forward. Thanks to my supporters you mean the absolute world and thanks to the people both inside and outside of the industry who have hit me up with kind words. After what can only be described as a fairly stressful day or two I'm off to spend some time with my family.