Keysound launches new sub-label, Rollage

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  • The new concept focuses on "creative possibilities within the 130 BPM space."
  • Keysound launches new sub-label, Rollage image
  • Keysound has started a new sub-label called Rollage, with the first release out on August 29th. "Rollage" is an important term in the London label's musical lexicon, describing a dark, stripped-back and rhythmic sort of UK garage. This new imprint is inspired by that spirit and meant to focus on "the creative possibilities within the 130 BPM space," which is already an area of concern for Keysound. It's a limited-edition black label series only available from the label directly, and all 200 copies are hand numbered. The first release has no artist credit, and you can listen to clips below. Keysound explained the impetus for the new sub-label by outlining how upcoming releases on the main label would "widen [its] centre of gravity," including "a grime white label & a 75-minute-plus live synth & FX tape jam" and two full-lengths, one of them beatless.
    Tracklist A1 WDYM?! (Parro Mix) A2 WDYM?! (Original Mix) B1 WDYM?! (Rollage Mix) B2 WDYM?! (Nutty Mix) Keysound will release Rollage Vol1: WDYM?! on August 29th, 2016.