Hype Williams returns with new album, 10 / 10

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  • The album is out on Bandcamp after mysterious third member Denna Frances Glass hinted at it this morning.
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  • Hype Williams are back. The group's exact personnel is unknown, but it includes Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland and sometimes third member Denna Frances Glass, who may or may not exist. Glass has acted like an informal PR agent in the past, and according to Tiny Mix Tapes, sent out an email this morning about a new album called 10 / 10. Now the record is out there via Bandcamp, comprising ten new tracks. It's the first Hype Williams album since 2011's One Nation, and the first new material under the name since 2012. It follows Blunt's RA Recommended album as Babyfather for Hyperdub earlier this year, and Inga Copeland's Live In Paris as Lolina. Tracklist 01. DEAL BREAKER 02. SCARY 03. FROWSY 04. FAILURE 05. DIVA 06. BREWING 07. ROLLING 08. WATCH 09. REVELATIONS 10. X-500 10 / 10 is out now.