Tresor resident Esther Duijn launches Another Earth label

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  • Myles Serge and Hakim Murphy appear on the new outlet's first two releases.
  • Tresor resident Esther Duijn launches Another Earth label image
  • Esther Duijn is starting up a label called Another Earth. The Dutch-born DJ has been a resident at Berlin's Tresor for over a year now. She's one of the curators of the Wednesday night New Faces party, where she focuses on showcasing Dutch artists. The first release on Another Earth, due out in September, is a split EP between American producer Myles Serge and Duijn & Douglas, which is Duijn's joint project with Steady Douglas. Following that, there'll be a record with Chicago's Hakim Murphy on one side and Metroplex affiliate Plural on the other. Along with 12-inches, Another Earth will also put out podcasts focused on live recordings from parties and festivals—the first comes from Duijn herself, recorded at Tresor back in February.
    Tracklist AE101 A1 Myles Serge - The Art Of Shadow Thoughts A2 Myles Serge - Lunokhod 1 B1 Duijn & Douglas - Bizar B2 Duijn & Douglas - Stray feat. Berenice AE202 A1 Plural - Vulnerable A2 Plural - The Spear B1 Hakim Murphy - Tbanger B2 Hakim Murphy - Mechanics Another Earth will release AE101 & AE202 in fall 2016.