Stroboscopic Artefacts outlines new Monad releases

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    Thu, Jun 23, 2016, 13:16
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  • OAKE, Yotam Avni and Charlotte Isabelle all have EPs set for the digital series.
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  • Stroboscopic Artefacts has three new releases set for its Monad series of digital EPs. First up is Israeli artist Yotam Avni (pictured right), whose four-track EP, titled Monad XXII, is due out on July 1st and follows on from a recent effort on another Italian label, Rebirth. A duo from France called Charlotte Isabelle helm the second instalment, Monad XXIII. It appears to be their first official release and it's due out on July 29th. Downwards affiliates OAKE wrap up proceedings on September 9th with Monad XXIV, another four-tracker, and it's their first release since a split 12-inch with Zosima earlier in 2016. The Monad series, which has previously featured the likes of Rrose, Xhin and Dadub, is released exclusively in digital formats. Listen to clips from Yotam Avni's Monad XXII.
    Monad XXII - Yotam Avni 01. Tinofet 02. Rusha 03. Marva Version 04. Marva Monad XXIII - Charlotte Isabelle 01. Ababa 02. Geridoo 03. Desba 04. Antakarana Monad XXIV - OAKE 01. L'Esclandre 02. Jardin d'évasion 03. Hélicorde 04. Paysage dépaysé Stroboscopic Artefacts will release Monad XXII, Monad XXIII and Monad XXIV on July 1st, July 29th and September 1st respectively.