M_REC LTD says goodbye with double-vinyl compilation, EMME

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  • Regis, Stanislav Tolkachev and Samuli Kemppi all appear on the eight-track tribute to the late Max_M.
  • M_REC LTD says goodbye with double-vinyl compilation, EMME image
  • The final release on M_REC LTD will be a double-vinyl compilation titled EMME. M_REC LTD is the techno label founded by Max_M (AKA Max Magrini), a respected Italian DJ/producer who passed away from cancer in May of 2015. News of the compilation comes exactly one year after his passing. EMME comprises eight tracks from a selection of artists once close to Magrini, with contributions from core M_REC LTD artists such as Stanislav Tolkachev, Samuli Kemppi, Wrong Assessment, Fabrizio Lapiana and PVS bundled with a remix from Regis and a track from Overall Severity, the collaborative project from Magrini and Wrong Assessment. All tracks are previously unreleased. EMME's title comes from the Italian word for the letter "M," which friends used as a nickname for Magrini. A picture of the late DJ/producer will also be included in the vinyl package, with short testimonials from artists featured on the compilation written on the back. There's no word on EMME's official release date, but pre-orders start on June 15th via 712 Distribution. A club night will be held in honour of Magrini in Italy on June 11th. Mr. Ties, Freddy K and Fabrizio Lapiana are among the DJs set to hit Milan's Masada club, with all profits going to Italian cancer research centre Associazione Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro. Tracklist A1 A&S - Random Thoughts A2 Fabrizio Lapiana - Between Here And There B1 Overall Severity - Rossella B2 Overall Severity - Rossella (Regis Remix) C1 PVS - Thanks For Being There C2 Samuli Kemppi - Picture On The Wall D1 Stanislav Tolkachev - Sad But I Know D2 Wrong Assessment - Robin 7288 EMME is coming soon on M_REC LTD.