Chymera is Merrin Karras on new ambient album, Apex

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  • The Irish producer's first full-length under the alias will hit the shelves via A Strangely Isolated Place in June.
  • Chymera is Merrin Karras on new ambient album, Apex image
  • Brendan Gregoriy, AKA Chymera, has an ambient album on the way under his Merrin Karras alias. The Irish-born Gregoriy is best known for his pumping, melodic club tunes, which have come out on labels like Ovum, Cocoon and Kompakt. The new album, titled Apex, will see him indulge his softer side, releasing material as Kerran for only the second time (one of his tracks made it onto a John Beltran-curated compilation on Delsin in 2014.) Written and recorded during two winters in Berlin, the eight-track LP was born out of a period of creative frustration, which inspired a shift in Gregoriy's sound. "I'd just finished a particularly gruelling album and I just didn't enjoy the process," he says. "Around that time, I started listening to people like Steve Moore and Oneohtrix Point Never and it blew my mind. I tried making a few sketches and realized that I enjoyed it a lot more and this became a gateway into discovering ambient properly. I decided to set myself a few ground rules for the music: no drums or percussive elements and no samples. They helped me to focus but, in a sense, it's not such a drastic shift. I've always made melodies the focus point of all my tracks and it was quite liberating to make music where I didn't have to worry about the best way to arrange it for the dance floor." Available digitally and on vinyl, Apex will hit the shelves via Ryan Griffin's A Strangely Isolated Place label on June 10th. Listen to the title track below.
    Tracklist 01. Catharsis 02. Elevate 03. Apex 04. Severance 05. The Veldt 06. Liberant 07. Void 08:34 08. Isolation A Strangely Isolated Place will release Apex on June 10th, 2016.