Yasuaki Shimizu's Kakashi album reissued on vinyl

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  • Nippon Columbia will re-release the 1982 LP from the Japanese artist, who was also a member of Mariah.
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  • A new version of Yasuaki Shimizu's Kakashi will be available on wax via Nippon Columbia soon. Shimizu's production style has experienced a serious revival as of late. He wrote Mariah's Utakata No Hibi, an LP that landed at number 11 on our 2015 top albums list. He also had a hand in the RA recommended reissue of Japanese pop group Dip In The Pool. Kakashi was originally released on Better Days, the imprint responsible for Utakata No Hibi as well as the Colored Music LP Japanese digger Chee Shimizu mined early this year. Back in July, Red Light Records boss Tako Reyenga dropped knowledge on Kakashi as part of his Playing Favorites feature. Listen to the title track below.
    Tracklist A1 Suiren A2 Kakashi A3 Kono Yo Ni Yomeri #1 A4 Semitori No Hi B1 Kono Yo Ni Yomeri #2 B2 Yune Dewa B3 Umi No Ue Kara B4 Utsukushiki Tennen Nippon Columbia will release Kakashi soon.