Ibiza to impose tax on tourists from July 2016

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  • The new levy, which will also apply to the rest of the Balearic Islands, will go towards protecting natural resources.
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  • Spain's Balearic Islands are imposing a new "Sustainable Tourism Tax" on all visitors over 16, starting July 1st. The largest islands in the Mediterranean archipelago are Ibiza, Menorca and the Balearic capital, Mallorca. Two factors will determine the rate of tax: the length of the visit and the type of accommodation. According to The Independent, the latter will range from 50 cents per person per night for hostels and campsites, to €2 for more upmarket hotels and apartments. If you stay longer than eight nights, the tax will be halved. The same applies for visits out of season, between November and March. Most likely, the levy will be collected when you check in or out of your accommodation. This is the second time the Balearics have implemented the tax, following a failed effort in 2002 that only lasted a year. This time around, the money raised—an expected €80 million annually—will go towards "sustainable tourism initiatives and the conservation of natural spaces," say Diario De Ibiza. Several groups will be exempt, including refugees, the physically unwell and those visiting for religious reasons.