Sepalcure announce second album, Folding Time

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  • We speak with Machinedrum and Braille about their collaborative comeback.
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  • Sepalcure will return with a new album on May 20th. Folding Time is the duo's second full-length, following on from their 2011 self-titled album (and a handful of EPs after that). In the meantime, Travis Stewart released an album as Machinedrum and a few EPs under the name Aden, while Sharma put out an LP as Braille. Now they're back together for the first time since 2013, with an album made up of new material along with some revisited archival cuts. As usual, it'll come via Scuba's Hotflush Recordings. You can listen to "Not Gonna Make It" below. "It felt like we were connecting the present with the past," the duo say. "Going through each session was like digging through old memories." Several of the tracks feature vocals, along with field recordings, guitars and piano, the result of spontaneous, in-person sessions. We spoke with Sepalcure over email about the new record.
    You guys insist on doing everything together, in person. What was it like coming back together after several years apart? Do you work differently than before? Sharma: The title says it all honestly. "Folding Time" has been a process over the last couple years and coming back to some of the tracks was like traveling back in time and connecting the dots. We were definitely both eager to work in a more consistent fashion than we had been able to when Travis was in Berlin. There were new tricks up our sleeve to get out together. Stewart: What was exciting for me was having time off from the project so that we could revisit that original thrill we got from making music together purely for fun and as friends. We weren't bound to a contract, there was no pressure to finish anything and with that we had freedom to do whatever we wanted. It brought me back to the early days of Sepalcure where we didn't have an agenda or strategy, just pure enjoyment. You went through your archives for this album—what inspired you to take a more introspective approach? Sharma: It was less going through the archives than a constant stream of songs progressing over the past few years. When we realized what we had was an album, we were pretty determined to go back and finish songs that had lied dormant waiting for it. Looking back, you could even say its a love letter of sorts to our time in NYC. The album was finished right before Travis headed West, and it's being released just as I have. It's the last body of work either of us finished in that city. The tracks on this album are a bit shorter, and structured more like pop songs. Why did you go in that direction, and was it harder to work in that vein than before? Stewart: Nothing we do is pre meditated, we tend to just go with the flow when it comes to writing. Some of the songs you could say are structured like pop songs but for the most part we weren't exactly conscious of that while making the tracks. In the past our song structures were a bit more random, and definitely longer. To me these songs are more sophisticated in terms of arrangement which just shows a maturity that has grown between us as producers and musicians.
    Tracklist 01. Fight For Us 02. Not Gonna Make It 03. Devil Inside 04. No Honey 05. Been So True 06. Hearts In Danger 07. Loosen Up 08. Dub Of 09. Brother Forest 10. Hurts So Bad 11. Ask Me Hotflush will release Folding Time on May 20th, 2016.