Lara Rix-Martin starts new label, Objects Limited

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  • Eva Bowan will launch the imprint intended for female-identified or non-binary artists.
  • Lara Rix-Martin starts new label, Objects Limited image
  • Lara Rix-Martin has started a new label called Objects Limited. The Brighton-based artist Rix-Martin is probably best known as one half of of the duo Heterotic alongside Mike Paradinas. Her new imprint will focus on female-identified or non-binary artists, and she promises a "fairly eclectic range of artists from the sphere of electronic music." For now, the label is digital only, distributed through Bandcamp. Ringwoodite, the debut release comes from another Brighton artist, Eva Bowan. It's her second record, following a release on local concern KLDSCP in 2014. She calls it "a bit of my self-discovery through the prism of surrealism." "As a visual artist I make songs in a rather visual way," Bowan adds. "I pick sounds that fit in the 'world' I'm trying to paint with sound. For me, Ringwoodite represents everything I have deep inside of me, all the stuff under the surface—suppressed thoughts, fears and emotions." Objects Limited will also be an event series, with the first going down on May 26th at New River Studios in London. That one will feature Bowan alongside Lux e Tenebris, Errorbeauty, Spacer Woman and Anastasia Freygang. You can take a listen to opening track "Regression To The Mean" over at Bandcamp. Tracklist 01. Regression To The Mean 02. Isolated 03. I'm Here But Nothing 04. Dawn Warmth 05. 100 Objects Limited will release Ringwoodite on May 5th, 2016.