Khemia Records launches with In Aeternam Vale

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  • The new label is inspired by the KAOS parties in London.
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  • In Aeternam Vale has inaugurated a new UK imprint called Khemia Records. The new techno label is inspired by Kaos, a London techno party that's been running for over a decade and has featured artists like Ancient Methods, Paula Temple, An-I and Oliver Ho in recent years. For Vernal Equinox Edition, their first record, they've signed up French artist In Aeternam Vale for the "solar side" and Diagonal associates Bronze Teeth for the "lunar" flipside. The label held a Kaos launch party last weekend, and their next party, coming up April 30th at Electrowerkz, will feature Samuel Kerridge. Listen to the EP in its entirety over at Bandcamp. Tracklist A In Aeternam Vale - La Grille B Bronze Teeth - Rude Movements Vernal Equinox Edition is out now.
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