Juan Atkins reveals Metroplex reissue campaign

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  • Some of Atkins' early Model 500 records, along with a rare 1996 EP from Robert Hood's The Vision alias, are set to be repressed.
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  • Detroit innovator Juan Atkins is giving new life to material issued on his influential Metroplex label, starting with some of his work as Model 500. Records from Model 500 formed the bulk of Metroplex's early output, back in the mid to late-'80s, and nowadays they're often hard to find. On Facebook, Atkins has called this the "first back catalogue repress," and fresh releases—on vinyl as well as digital and CD—of Night Drive, Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle and The Chase are on the way. It looks like we can expect much more action on this front, according to Atkins' follow-up Facebook comments. Among the tastier bits of information: Green Velvet and Luciano will remix the classic "No UFO's;" Spectral Nomad, an extremely rare Metroplex-issued EP from Robert Hood's The Vision alias, and material from Infiniti, another prominent Atkins alias, will be repressed; and Model 500 will head out for concerts (presumably as the usual four-part group, with Juan Atkins joined by Mike Banks, DJ Skurge and Mark Taylor) with "holographic visuals." Further details are still TBA. On top of the upcoming Metroplex reissues, Atkins has teamed with fellow electronic music luminary Moritz von Oswald for another Borderland album—Transport is due out on Tresor in late April. Tracklist Night Drive A1 Night Drive (Thru-Babylon) A2 Time Space Transmat B No UFO's (D-Mix) Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle A1 Sound Of Stereo (Revamp) A2 Sound Of Stereo (Inst.) B1 Off To Battle B2 Electric Entourage The Chase A1 The Chase (Juan's Version) A2 The Chase (Smooth Mix) B1 The Chase (Mayday's Version) B2 The Chase (Neutral Version) Metroplex will begin its Model 500 reissue campaign in April 2016.