Kenneth James Gibson LP slated for Kompakt's Pop Ambient series

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  • The Evening Falls, from the artist also known as [a]pendics.shuffle, is due out in April.
  • Kenneth James Gibson LP slated for Kompakt's Pop Ambient series image
  • Kompakt's Pop Ambient series will issue The Evening Falls, an album from US producer Kenneth James Gibson, in April. The Pop Ambient series of artist albums, which takes its name from Kompakt's yearly Pop Ambient compilations, launched last year. So far Leandro Fresco, Thore Pfeiffer and Jens-Uwe Beyer have contributed to the cause. Next up is Gibson, a prolific artist whom you might know best by way of the trippy minimal techno he's made as [a]pendics.shuffle, or through an assortment of other aliases like Eight Frozen Modules and Reverse Commuter. His musical output spans more than 20 years and covers plenty of ground stylistically, and this will be his first fully ambient solo record. Gibson began work on The Evening Falls in Los Angeles a couple years ago, but it wasn't completed until after he moved with his wife to Idyllwild, a town in the San Jacinto Mountains about 100 miles east of LA. The change in setting was a key source of inspiration. "My wife and I heard the calling of the mountains for a while," he says, adding that "meditation and nature and a slower way" helped him "find the right focus." The album will come on single vinyl as well as CD and digital formats. Tracklist 01. To See You Drift 02. Long Gone Canadian Summer 03. Failed To Interrupt 04. Poured Semi Silently Upon You 05. A Conversation Between Friends 06. Lateral Decomposition 07. Broken Thought 08. Weighty Repetitions 09. The Art Of Forgetting Yourself Kompakt will release The Evening Falls on April 29th, 2016.