Lawrence seeks out Yoyogi Park on new album

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  • The final part of Peter Kersten's LP trilogy for Mule Musiq will arrive in April.
  • Lawrence seeks out Yoyogi Park on new album image
  • Mule Musiq has revealed details of Lawrence's upcoming Yoyogi Park album. Yoyogi Park, with Stefan Marx once again taking care of visual artwork, will be the third and final entry in a trio of ambient-leaning albums that Lawrence, AKA Dial Records co-founder Peter Kersten, has released through the Tokyo label. (Kersten and Marx are longtime friends with Mule boss Toshiya Kawasaki.) It follows 2009's Until Then, Goodbye and 2014's A Day In The Life—not to mention plenty of other Lawrence appearances on Mule over the past decade or so. This latest effort takes its name from one of the largest parks in Tokyo, and its cover art is Marx's depiction of a 360-degree view inside the park. The album includes new material and versions of previously issued cuts like "Nowhere Is A Place" and "Blue Mountain," and there's some field recordings along with samples of Sky Walking, the live band made up of Kersten, Christian Naujoks, and RVDS. It'll land on ten-track CD and eight-track double-vinyl formats in late April, before arriving digitally a few weeks later. Fans in Berlin can catch Kersten, Kawasaki and more on Friday, February 26th, at a Mule Musiq night at Ritter Butzke. Also on the label's calendar is the March release of a new I'm Starting To Feel Okay compilation. Tracklist 01. Marble Star 02. Nowhere Is A Place 03. Tensui 04. Ava 05. Nightlife 06. Blue Mountain 07. Simmer 08. Clouds And Arrows 09. Joy Ride 10. Illuminated Mule Musiq will release Yoyogi Park on April 22nd, 2016.