All City launches club-focused Jheri Tracks sublabel

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  • The new imprint will debut with tunes from Life's Track, Lumigraph and Basic House.
  • All City launches club-focused Jheri Tracks sublabel image
  • All City Records is launching a subsidiary called Jheri Tracks next week. The Dublin label has cast a wide net over the years, releasing hip-hop-influenced beat music from the likes of Fulgeance, Mike Slott, Onra, Knxwledge and Herva. With Jheri Tracks, they're tightening the focus a bit. It's a "label for dance floor-focused 12-inches with a regular release schedule... slightly to the left, and, as per All City, anything goes, really," to quote All City themselves. Jheri Tracks will launch with a seven-track vinyl sampler and an expanded, 18-track digital compilation called MiniDisc. Among the artists featured are Opal Tapes associates Lumigraph and Basic House, Life's Track and The Cyclist. Take a listen to a recent NTS session outlining the label below.
    Tracklist Jheri Tracks Vol. 1 01. Cyclist - Tech Tape Reels 02. Lumigraph - Pizzatalk 03. Cambo - Phantom Liquidity 04. Evan Jones - My Days 05. Bastiengoat - Boytek 06. West To West - Eternal Ways 07. DE - Sunrise MiniDisc 01. Evan Jones - My Days 02. Ghost - Herron 03. Sias - Lakota 04. Baby Air - Summer Love 05. Úbung - Yllek R 06. Eazy Haze - 800 Dub 07. Life's Track - Unconventional Sound 08. Serpico - Serpico! 09. West To West - Eternal Ways 10. The Cyclist - Tech Tape Reels 11. Joe Herrick - Din Dun Dun Dundun 12. Bastiengoat - Boytek 13. Cambo - Phantom Liquidity 14. Lumigraph - Pizzatalk 15. Melly - No Right Turn 16. Linckoln - Little Launch 17. DE - Sunrise 18. Basic House - Bouncing Bomb Jheri Tracks will release Jheri Tracks Vol. 1 and MiniDisc on February 1st, 2016.