T. Williams digs up old Jon E Cash cuts for new EP

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  • The latest Today, Tomorrow 12-inch collects vintage tracks from the grime pioneer and Black Ops boss.
  • T. Williams digs up old Jon E Cash cuts for new EP image
  • Today, Tomorrow Records has just released an EP of classic-period Jon E Cash material. The latest release on T. Williams' label bears the fruits of the house producer's reignited interest in grime. Last year, Williams explored his roots in the genre, dropping a new EP as Dread D—his alias from back when he was part of Jon E Cash's Black Ops grime crew. Now he's going into Cash's archives for a selection of four tunes that date back to around 2002, according to FACT. Cash and Black Ops pioneered the sublow strain of grime, which was slinkier and more garage-influenced than other contemporary takes on the genre. You can hear clips from all four tracks below.
    Tracklist 01. Gangster 02. War Bashie 03. Cash Combo 04. Sen U Rita Jon E Cash EP is out now via Today, Tomorrow Records.