Dalhous launch The Composite Moods Collection series with new LP

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  • House Number 44, the latest album from the Blackest Ever Black duo, will land in March.
  • Dalhous launch The Composite Moods Collection series with new LP image
  • Dalhous's next album, House Number 44, is the first in a new series called The Composite Moods Collection. This new endeavour follows Marc Dall and Alex Ander's R.D. Laing-inspired trilogy, which started with 2013's An Ambassador For Laing and ended with 2014's Will To Be Well. The Composite Moods Collection "examines the relationship between two individuals co-habiting the same confined space—their interactions, their sense of self and each other and the pregnant space in between," according to label Blackest Ever Black. Like the Scottish duo's previous work, House Number 44 concerns itself with mental health, centring around the protagonist's co-habitant who "appears distinctly unwell—detached, isolated, often feeling helpless and unable to influence the world around them." The album tackles this with individual mood pieces meant to "convey a bipolarity of mood, each movement contradicting or erasing what came before, making progress impossible." Listen to "Methods Of Élan" below.
    Tracklist 01. Response To Stimuli 02. It Itself, Is Harmless 03. Running Sheets 04. Ecstasy As A Mask Or Shield 05. Conscience Of Nerves 06. Research Network 07. On A Level 08. End Of Each Analysis 09. Mimetic 10. Content For Feelings 11. Zero Point Zero Six Per Cent 12. Implicit Use Of Abstraction 13. Statistical Order 14. Results 15. Vestibule 16. Everything They Wanted To Hear 17. Baby-Oh-Feed-Bak 18. Methods Of Élan 19. Lines To Border Blackest Ever Black will release The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1: House Number 44 in March 2016.